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However you are reading this, the point is that you are reading it.  You may be using Facebook, The Horizons Website or the Magazine, this is just a reminder of the different ways that you are able to keep in touch and updated on all things Horizons - The association for former HSBC employees, HSBC the organisation, Griffins or other groups.

You may wish to curl up in a cosy corner for a read, so the magazine may suit, you may wish to carry out some research, perhaps to find your nearest group or event or discounts available, so the website may suit, or you may just want the latest gossip to be served up in a timely manner.  Whatever you wish, each of these has different reasons to be the ‘best choice’ at the time.  Perhaps have a look at some of these on your favourite ‘device’…………..

For all qualifying non-members

Membership is open to all former employees, aged 50 or over, of the HSBC Group and/or those in receipt of a pension from HSBC Bank Pension Trust (UK) Ltd.

To join Horizons click Apply for Membership and complete the online application form or download the Application Form PDF and Direct Debit Form.  Please ensure both an Application and Direct Debit form are sent to the Membership Secretary, one way or another.

Click here to read our Constitution.

For Horizons members

The Horizons Website - You are here!

After logging on to Horizons website, links to:

The Horizons magazine (issued three times a year to members and available electronically on the Horizons website) 

The Perks at Work website available for Horizons members to purchase discounted goods and services.  Members can log on to the Horizons website to find out how to register for an account.

The HSBC Products booklet for staff and pensioners

Social media (necessary to sign up as a member):

The Midland Bank Griffins (MBGs) & Horizons is a nostalgic and current social reconnection Facebook group. This platform is for colleagues who have worked for Midland Bank and HSBC.  The Facebook group which has almost 10,000 members, promotes and supports the many social activities of Horizons in a real time environment.  This has led to many new members joining Horizons and connecting with their local Horizons’ centres.

There have been thousands of friend re-connections spanning as far back as the 1950s and with over 8000 group photos, rekindled memories are a daily occurrence.

The Horizons Facebook page (Facebook group for Horizons members, includes Centre updates and news)

Griffins and Hexagons website (reconnecting friends and colleagues since a January 2016)

The Midland Griffins Facebook Group - you need to sign in as a member of this group (nostalgic and current social reconnection FB group for colleagues who have worked for Midland Bank and HSBC)

As a Horizons member after logging on here, you can see the latest MBGs Newsletters comprising up to 100 pages of nostalgic pictures and comments.

HSBC Official pages:

The HSBC Bank UK website (the HSBC official website)

The HSBC Facebook Group (the official Facebook page for in the UK)

Twitter - @HSBC_UK (official Twitter account for HSBC in the UK)

HSBC Group Results and Announcements 

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